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The Cranberry Coast of Washington...the beach you remember

Recreation on the Cranberry Coast

Westport Family Fun Center
1600 Montesano Avenue
Westport, WA
Phone: 360-268-0700

New modern arcade with snack bar.Go Cart Track, Slick Track.  Kidz Karts.
Bumper Boats.  Bicycle Rentals. Having "fun" is our business.

Free or Low-Cost Things To Do

  1. For a few dollars you can pick up a kite and some string at local stores. Go to the beach and fly it. The Cranberry Coast of Washington is so famous for kite flying that there are many kite stores and the annual kite Festival of Winds.

  2. Our beaches are an outstanding birdwatching area.Along the mudflats and sand bars you'll see dozens of species of shorebirds feeding, and brown pelicans, great blue herons and bald eagles soaring overhead.

  3. Go to the beach at dusk and watch the wonderful sunsets.

  4. Visit the Maritime Museum

  5. Use your camera or camcorder to record beach scenes along the coast.

  6. Buy picture postcards and send them to family and friends at home.

  7. Collect agates on the beach.

  8. Find a special piece of driftwood along the beach.

  9. Feed the gulls, using day-old bread from local bakeries.

  10. Buy souvenirs in local shops for friends and childen back home.

  11. See the tallest lighthouse on the west coast, Grays Harbor Lighthouse. Located in Westport on the Ocean Avenue Beach approach.

  12. Drive the scenic 40 mile Cranberry Coast Loop, off Highway 101.

  13. Take photos of the cranberry bogs.

  14. Buy a book and relax.

  15. Build a sand castle on the beach.

  16. Take a stroll on the Westport Marina (the largest marina on the Washington coast) Boardwalk.

  17. Check out the Salmon Rearing Pens at feeding time. Located on Float 4 in Westport .

  18. Visit the Port of Grays Harbor Observation Tower. The 3 story tower gives a birds eye view of the Grays Harbor Bar, Half Moon Bay, the North and South Jetties, and ship traffic. Located on the corner of Cove Street and Neddie Rose Drive, in Westport. During a storm, it is a great place to watch the waves crashing over the revetment wall below.

  19. At Westhaven State Park you can watch the surfers catch the big waves any time of the year, hunt for agates and driftwood, or just watch the waves roll by.

  20. Go to Harriet Dorland Municipal Park, located off of Montesano Street in Westport. There's great Big-Toys for the kids to play on, and public restrooms are available.

  21. Look for YOUR name on a boat. 

  22. Find the plaque for Fort  Chehalis
  23. Canoe or kayak the North River

  24. Spend a great day fishing or crabbing off the docks in Tokeland

  25. Breath the clean air

  26. Go surfing.

  27. Find a glass ball.

  28. Get a sun tan.

  29. Look for deer, elk, bears. 

  30. Enjoy the bicycle trails on the bluffs.

  31. Sleep in--you're on vacation, so take it easy. ;o)

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